24th January 2019

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Frequently asked questions

How do I join?

The Pickup Artists do not have a set weekly meet.  We litter pick as individuals or meet up at events.  Anyone can post on our Facebook page to show where they have litter picked, post comments and photos.  We have a local page for people in and around Kidderminster to use which will hopefully connect you to others living close by, Keeping Kidderminster and Surrounding Places Clean.  Please request to join this page and feel free to post comments and photos.

Can I have equipment?

Yes, we are happy to loan equipment at all events advertised on our page and provide a range of equipment for adults and children.  We can provide litter pickers in a range of sizes, bag hoops, plastic bags, gloves, carts in various sizes, high visibility vests and we have a selection of items for sale including personalised T-shirts, bags, high visibility vests, car stickers and other items.

The Pickup Artists are not a charity but we do have a constitution.  This means we are not funded by anyone but have to rely on donations or raising funds ourselves.  This means we cannot give out equipment to individuals.  We are happy to sell top of the range equipment at a subsidised price.  Cheaper equipment is available online on ebay or Amazon.  We have recently been informed a few local shops are now stocking litter pickers.

What do I do with collected rubbish?

When I go out on a walk I use a canvass bag which I can wash weekly.  This reduces the need for plastic bags.  If you are going out on a bigger walk and need to use a plastic bag try to leave this in a safe place, not blocking the pavement by a WFDC street bin.  Leave a sticker or a hand written note to say it is a street collection by a Pickup Artists.  This stops it being processed as fly tipping. This will be collected when WFDC do their rounds.  If you would like to contact WFDC directly please call 01562 732528 and let them know where you have left the bags.  If you want to take the rubbish home with you, please try to sort out what you can into recycling and your black bin.   If you have more than will fit in your bin, please contact the.pickup.artists@outlook.com and we can make arrangements for a home collection.  

Do you recycle?

Yes, we recycle as much as we can.  We like to separate cans and plastic bottles when we do a litter pick.  The cans and plastic lids we store separately for the Emily Jordan Foundation.  Cans and plastic lids can be dropped off directly at their unit in Kidderminster.  The empty plastic bottles can go in your own green recycle bin.

Can I bring my children/dog?

Where possible we always like to invite children and dogs but both must always be with a responsible adult and supervised.  

Can I get help to clear an area?

Yes, we always encourage people to get in touch for help with a grot spot.  If you have a time, date and place in mind, contact us and we will create an event, bring equipment and arrange collection of litter collected.  However, we WILL NOT litter pick an area upon request.  We are a community group of volunteers who give up time to help others.

Please contact us for more information. 

the.pickup.artists@outlook.com General enquiries
junior.pickup.artists@outlook.com  Enquiries about visits and litter picks to children by our group members
dofe.the.pickup.artists@outlook.com Enquiries about the Duke of Edinburgh Awards