11th April 2019

Volunteers’ Health and Safety

Quick Health & Safety Checklist

● Please do not work alone, keep a member of the team in sight at all times.

● Always use litter pickers provided to pick up litter.

● Make sure you can see all of the items of litter you are picking up.

● If you find a hypodermic needle (syringe) please leave it and tell the group leader who will arrange disposal. You can call the local council to arrange safe disposal.

● Do not enter any water.

● Do not pick up anything you think may be hazardous, e.g. a flare or munition. Tell the team leader or call 101 and report it to the Police.

● Be careful of trips and falls on uneven ground, particularly slopes, sand dunes and rocky shores.

● Hygiene – avoid touching face, eyes, mouth whilst working. Wash hands before eating and drinking.

● Cover any cuts – all team leaders have first aid kits.

● Do not attempt to lift large or heavy objects which make you strain. Work with another to lift the items or tell the group leader who can arrange disposal with the local council.

● If your bag becomes too heavy tie it up, put it either in or next to a bin and start with a fresh bag in the hoop.

● Strong and covered footwear is advised and suitable clothing (e.g. warm / waterproof clothes in winter and sun cream / hats in summer). Finally, Remember, look out for yourself and others. Don’t take risks and have an enjoyable time!

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Please download and read a document about Ticks and Lyme Disease: