11th February 2019

The Junior Pickup Artists

2019 was a tremendously productive year for our educational programme that seen 21 Wyre forest primary schools join in on a community litter pick with their pupils.  Our aim was to visit with as many schools and community groups within Wyre forest district area as possible. Working together with pupils and staff in making a difference to our local community by educating the children on the impact litter has on our environment, nature reserves, waterways and local community areas. The project is a free extra curriculum resource with a hands-on experience for the children by litter picking themselves. The funding we have received has equipped this project meaning that all the equipment needed to run this extra curriculum activity will be provided by The Pickup artists.

As a community volunteer group, we have worked with many organisations locally and been educated on lots of resources to help reduce the overall household black bin waste and become more aware of how the recycling programme that the council offer works with the do’s and don’ts of recycling.  We have also been working on promoting fundraising through waste and found that many schools can actually make money out of their everyday waste.

Eco – Schools, plastic free schools and let’s waste less school initiatives are available and always sound more difficult and time consuming when you don’t know how. Our groups aim this year is to educate schools on how easy it is to reduce their landfill black bin bag waste, be more proactive with their recycling and to achieve the environmentally friendly option to waste disposal.

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Plastic Free Schools
Let’s Waste Less: