Standard Motor Transport

Our Eco-brick challenge sponsorship came from Standard Motor transport. Mr James Batsford agreed that our three community eco brick challenge was a great idea and wanted to show his support as a local haulage community business. The pickup artists accepted his generous offer to transport our bricks to Eco Freaks Emporium in Gosling on a lorry that was booked to go there already with one of his regular customer orders. SMT haulage business is a central location to our three communities for the eco brick drop off point and this was taken into account as we wanted to minimise the impact on emissions of air pollution and greenhouse gases in the environment whilst giving a central accessible location to challengers dropping off the completed eco-bricks.

The pickup artists would like to thank James and the team from Standard Motor Transport for their incredibly generous sponsorship.

Standard Motor Transport Ltd. was founded in the late 1920’s when motor transport was a serious alternative to steam lorries and horses and carts!

At the same time. C.G.Batsford and Sons began to operate and in 1972 C.G. took over the ownership of SMT, his sons and grandson now managing the business.

Standard Motor Transport Ltd                                  
16 Lisle Avenue
DY11  7DJ
Tel 01562 745308
Fax 01562 754546

Palletline site
Unit 4 & 5
Gemini Business Park
Stourport Road
DY11 7QL
Tel 01562 745308